A Small Act of Kindness for Binh

Hi friends! We wanted to share these pictures of a new friend of ours, Binh, who is currently residing in Vietnam. The nuns that we work with during our mission trips in Vietnam reached out to let us know that Binh is someone that they have had the pleasure of meeting. Through their friendship, the nuns learned that Binh is homeless with no family and multiple medical conditions, one is that he is unable to walk. Together, we wanted to do a Small Act of Kindness for Binh and put together the funds to purchase a bike for him so that he can get to his destinations better.

Here he is with his brand new bike!


Hand-in-Hand is so grateful for our opportunity to help Binh!

In 2019, Hand-in-Hand Share Missions would like to encourage each and every one of you to join us on our new mission to perform Small Acts of Kindness at least once a week. Please use the hashtag #HHSmallActsofKindness so that we hear your stories!

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