A Small Act of Kindness for 10 Sweet Hearts

The ethnic minority families in the village of Kon Thup do not have the necessary means to provide their children a nutritious meal much less afford to provide them an education. A priest that we have been working with in this area reached out to let us know that he wanted to change that. In the last few weeks, he successfully formed a boarding school for a group of 10 girls so that they can have the proper meals, home, and education provided to them.

After we heard about this great deed, we knew that we wanted to do everything that we could to help these sweet girls.


Hand-in-Hand Share Missions is proud to share that we have been donating to this boarding school so that the girls can continue to maintain a stable lifestyle and pursue their education!

We are beyond grateful for this opportunity to serve these little hearts <3

In 2019, Hand-in-Hand Share Missions would like to encourage each and every one of you to join us on our new mission to perform Small Acts of Kindness at least once a week. Please use the hashtag #HHSmallActsofKindness so that we hear your stories!