Two Small Acts of Kindness


Here is one elderly gentleman in Vietnam that suffers from physical disabilities. He has been bedridden for some time now and has been incapable of using his legs. As you can see, he cannot do much except spend most of his days in bed.


This second gentleman also suffers from physical disabilities. His legs are no longer of good use to him and keeps him from getting to far places.

When Hand-in-Hand heard about this…

We were so delighted by the opportunity to help these two gentlemen! As a team, we decided to provide wheelchairs for each individual to help them maneuver around their house and their city!

In 2019, Hand-in-Hand Share Missions would like to encourage each and every one of you to join us on our new mission to perform Small Acts of Kindness at least once a week. Please use the hashtag #HHSmallActsofKindness so that we hear your stories!

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