HH Small Acts of Kindness

Hand-in-Hand Share Missions have been actively and proudly trying to encourage everyone to join us on our campaign to perform small acts of kindness. Our goal is to continue to join forces with our team members, friends, and family to make a small impact on others, no matter the size of the gesture!

In the past few weeks, you may have notice that we have been sharing short stories about our small acts of kindness for others, particularly for our friends in Vietnam. However, this week, we wanted to create a suggestive list of things that we can all do to share our kindness:


As you can see, these small acts do not require anything more than your time and efforts. Small Acts of Kindness are meant to be easy but thoughtful! We hope that you will take the time to check off something (or all of the things) from this list in the days to come. Don’t forget to share your story with us by using the hashtag #HHSmallActsofKindness on Facebook and/or Instagram!