Spring 2017

Encouraged by the progress they had made at the St. Francis Shelter, and the increasing openness of the facility to improve the conditions and opportunities for the residents there, a six man team returned in February of 2017.  During that trip, a play room was created with educational toys so the children could have less time spent restrained in their beds, and an exercise room with equipment was set up to help with the rehabilitation of the disabled adults.   Advanced training was provided for the facility’s staff.

”I vividly remember that during the first visit to the St. Francis Shelter a staff member remarked that it was rare, if ever, that mission teams returned.  Perhaps this is because living conditions for the residents at this shelter are especially poor and resources are scarce.   Children are confined to their beds, often with restraints.  In contrast to others who may have wanted to distance themselves from such sorrow we decided to return as soon as possible because we knew there was more we could do, we knew what to do and we felt called to serve.” Gretchen Stone (OT)