Summer 2016

After a year of intensive organizing, planning and fundraising, a team of 20 volunteer physicians, dentists, therapists, pharmacists, translators and other volunteers traveled to southern Vietnam.  Approximately 1200 patients received medical and dental care in a variety of settings, including the orphanages, nursing home, and shelter that Tram had identified on her 2015 visit.  The therapy team concentrated their efforts in the St. Francis Shelter for disabled children and adults, where the need for training of the workers and activities for the residents were the greatest. 

“If given the opportunity to reflect on your own life, most would want to be remembered for making a difference in someone else’s life.  Hand in Hand opened my eyes to see and experience the Corporal Works of Mercy in action (feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, visiting the sick, etc.).  We were humbled to work closely alongside people who were not given the same blessings to grow and live like we are accustomed to.  The work was transformative, not only helping the patients but also deeply touching our own hearts.  We can't wait to go back!”

-Phillip and Trang Conley